The Hollow Keep

The year is 1152.

The Anarchy is drawing to a close as Empress Matilda’s son, Henry of Anjou, forges powerful alliances across the Channel, while King Stephen’s allies are weakened with infighting. Stephen’s queen dies on May 3, and his grief weakens his resolve. The Treaty of Wallingford is less than a year away, as even Stephen’s staunchest supporters are becoming tired of the war.

Up in Northumberland, tales of banshee wolves and spirits have plagued the area between Carlisle and Newcastle for hundreds of years. More worryingly, new rumors of a madman being called The Moorland Murderer have local barons concerned.

The call is out for a group of knights errant to cleanse the northlands of evil faery magics and bring about order and justice – will you answer the call?

This is a NWOD rules-lite Mortals game.

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The Hollow Keep

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