Morality Rating

75% of people go throughout life at Morality 7. They’re stout-hearted, good people, who only make small kinds of trouble, and commit no serious crimes. The 25% of people at the lowest and highest echelons of society, however, routinely live at Morality 5, committing crimes of varying pettiness. The nobles do it because they can, the impoverished do it to survive.

Faith Rating

Likewise, 90% people start out at Faith 3. They believe, but are overall sheep to be led, content in letting others do the heavy spiritual lifting.1 9%, however, are power-hungry fanatics. Oh they have Faith all right, but that Faith increasingly becomes Faith in themselves, and in power. 1% are truly Faithful, living for their deity and truly taking the Commandments to heart. It kind of pisses the 9% off.

As long as Morality remains no lower than 7, Faith can go as high as 9. Faith 10 requires Morality 10. When Morality slips below 7, max Faith level drops accordingly – Faith can only remain two dots above the Morality rating. As such, truly corrupt church officials of Morality 2 (e.g. the Inquisition) can only achieve a max Faith level of 4. (They may believe they have Faith 10 — and act accordingly — but murdering innocent people in the name of Jeebus just kinda pisses Jeebus off. When their prayers of healing go unanswered, they simply believe the patient is the insufficiently worthy one.)


Extra-good roleplaying and extra-amazing rolls gain Miracle points. These can be used for multiple purposes, once per session. Only three Miracle points can be possessed at a time, to discourage hoarding.

  • One guaranteed success in lieu of rolling (useful in instances with a low dice pool)
  • Divine Inspiration – gain a flash of insight into a situation, or ‘remember’ a useful fact


  • Coup de grace: Deal four Aggravated damage to enemy combatant
  • Crusader’s determination: Regain half expended Willpower, rounded up (e.g. if WP is at 2/7, regain 3 dots)


  • Blessing of Mary: Heal one dot of Aggravated damage
  • Blessing of the Apostles: Heal two dots of Lethal damage
  • Blessing of the Saints: Heal three dots of Bashing damage


1 In modern times, people would start out at 1 or 2, but in Medieval society, the church was such an integral part of everyday life that the very concept of not believing is utterly alien. As such, non-clergy PCs can choose to start with a 3 or 4.


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